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IThaca adult hockey association

The Ithaca Adult Hockey Association was formed during the summer of 1999 by a group of players from both the Cass Park and the Rink leagues. The primary goal of IAHA is to promote a healthy and fun recreational adult hockey league in Ithaca by providing oversight of the league administration, improving parity among teams, promoting sportsmanship, and encouraging players at all skill levels to participate. 

2021-22 Season Interest and Survey

August 21, 2021

Hello Hockey Players,

Wow, what a difference a year makes.  Or a month.  Or a week.

Planning for hockey season was pretty simple a year ago.  There was not going to be a season.  A month ago, we thought it was going to be pretty straight forward.  Maybe we’d need a tweak or two from our normal routine, but we’d be able to use our usual planning model to move through the season.  Today, it’s pretty apparent that the COVID situation is again very dynamic, and we’ll need to plan to be flexible as conditions change.

We’ve begun our planning.  One decision we have made is that all participants will need to have completed a COVID-19 vaccination routine at least two weeks before their first regular season or pre-season game.  We’ll include instructions for providing your proof of vaccination with the registration material.  If you have not yet been vaccinated, and you want to play, go get your shot.  Today.

Next, we need you to help us continue with planning.  We need to get a gauge on numbers, as well as people’s COVID-19 sensitivities and concerns.  Please respond (once) to our survey.

Sponsors – if anyone is interested in sponsoring a team, or knows someone who would like to sponsor, let Ray or Eric know.  The sponsor will be required to provide a set of jerseys (league specification will be provided), or pay a fee of $500.

Goalies – we anticipate the need for several additional goalies this season.  Please ask around.

As always, please pass on any comments or concerns to any board member, or the full board.  Thanks, and we hope to see you on the ice soon.

IAHA Board -

Ray Ackerman –
Brad Buell –
Eric Cyker -
Merri Goodrow -
Dan Hazlitt –
Brad Norton -
James Orcutt, Jr. –
Matt Weaver -

2021-22 Season Information

We have begun organizing for the season and plan to distribute registration information in late September.

If you are new to the league, you can get a lot of information from our most recent Information Package and Schedule.  If you want to join or have additional questions, please email us at

A/B Division Status

Unfortunately, we have not received enough interest in A/B games the past few seasons.  Please click here to indicate your interest for next season.

Rotary Club of Ithaca - 2019-20 B/C Champions

Rotary Club of Ithaca scored 16 minutes into overtime of game 2 to win the 2019-20 Ithaca Adult Hockey Association Ambis Cup over runner up Boston Angler Sportfishing.  The final score of the game was 4-3.  Rotary held a 2-0 lead midway through the second period, but Boston Angler scored three unanswered goals to take a 3-2 lead mid-way through the 3rd period.  Rotary tied the score late, forcing the overtime.  Rotary won the first game of the series by a 3-2 score.

Rotary, 14-10-2, 3rd place during the regular season, advanced to the championship round sweeping their quarter-final series over Kirbylab Microfluidics, and winning their semi-final series 2-1 over HitZ/Valor Strength and Conditioning.

Boston Angler, 10-11-5, 5th place during the regular season, advanced with a 1-0-1 quarter-final series win over James Orcutt Real Estate, and a 2-1 semi-final win over regular season champion Uncle Joe's Sports Bar and Grill/Barton Chiropractic.

Recent Results and Upcoming Schedule

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